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Name:Dorado Weyr OOC community
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Dorado Weyr

An OC, Candidates only Pern-based game


You were living a perfectly normal life as a farmer, or crafter or trader's child. Or perhaps you were old enough you were starting to make your own way in the world. Either way, it changed when the dragonriders arrived and said you had the potential to join their ranks. You were given a week to pack your things and say good by to your family and friends before being whisked away to Dorado Weyr for a chance to bond to one of the great beasts that help protect your planet from the devouring Thread.

Or perhaps you grew up at the Weyr, surrounded by dragons and their riders, always dreaming of your chance to join their ranks. Maybe one or both of your parents were dragonriders, and you've always envied the deep bond they've had with their dragons. Maybe you've stood before the hatching eggs, hoping, wishing that a new hatched dragon would look your way and bond with you. It hasn't happened yet, but maybe this time...

Dorado Weyr is an OC only game based on the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. Players will create Candidates who will eventually Impress to a dragon. And that's the easy part...

Applications are Open until March 1
Game will Open March 1

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